Top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Greece

Greece, a country rich with history and culture has many UNESCO world heritage sites in Greece which make it one of the desired travel destinations. Covering many scenic islands, Greece boasts of beautiful beaches to relax. The splendid mountains and forests give a great view and are enamored by tourists. Amidst this beauty and historic civilizations, the monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece exhibit strong values of culture and tradition of this country.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Greece - delphi

By Arian Zwegers (Delphi, Tholos) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Archaeological Site of Delphi

A legend refers to Delphi site as the centre of the world where two birds flying from opposite sides of the universe met. The traces to Delphi go back more than 5,000 centuries. The sanctuary at this site has a great political significance. The assembly and important decisions about the Amphictyonic league used to take place here. The site is known for athletics and hosted Pythian Games which are the next popular games in Greece after Olympics.

The Medieval City of Rhodes

This place has a long history in the Gothic period and has been under the ruling of Turkish Empire as well as Italian rulers. The city broadly has two parts, the high town and the lower town which are separated by a 4 km wall. This UNESCO world heritage sites in Greece bears a great semblance to Gothic culture. Once it housed several churches and palaces. Even scenic Islamic monuments add to the beauty of the site and exhibit convergence of different cultures and their lifestyle. Having been under empires of several kingdoms, the site is still elegantly maintained and the different architectures are very nicely preserved.

Archaeological Site of Olympia

The historic site of Olympia lies in the valley between confluences of two rivers namely Alpheios and Kladeos. The sanctuary here has been a popular worshiping center of the god of Zeus. It is at this very place where the idea and birth of Olympics games took place. This place then has been known across the globe as the Mecca of athletics. The site has its history with the civilization of Peloponnesos. Many attractions are located at this site. Some popular ones are the sanctuary of Gods where you can blissfully visit Temples of Hera and Temple of Zeus. Ancient sculptures and archaic treasure shall keep you mesmerized and engrossed in this environment. Being one of the best cities in Greece, you shall definitely plan a visit to Olympia and this historic site.


Bask yourself in Meteora monasteries. Many of the monasteries were built at this site under extremely difficult conditions. These are ideal spots where you can relax and meditate. The works here mark an important stage during the 15th century for the restoration of Christian ideologies. The rock constructions here are made of sandstone and have originated millions of years ago. The monasteries have stood the test of time in the zones which were once historically seismic prone. Today, the access to the monasteries has been made very easy through steps. You will experience many incredible rock formations at Meteora. The pillars at Meteora monasteries will leave good images deeply in your minds. It has many nice spots for taking photos.

Mount Athos

You can experience a joyful ride by the ferry to get access to Mount Athos. However, one peculiar and intriguing thing about this site is that no females are allowed in this area. This is an old custom followed till date where all women except Virgin Mary are prohibited from visiting.

The clifftop views are fabulous and a treat for photographers. Getting till Mount Athos rather than taking its view from a ferry ride shall require some procedures since this area is governed independently although it is a part of Greece. This area has many monasteries and monks living here follow a very disciplined schedule. This is one of those historic sites where though the schedule adopted is stringent, has helped flourish the spread of Christ’s teachings.

All in all, the top UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece shall make for a great experience and take you through long enriching history leaving you spellbound.

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