The Most Popular Restaurants In Crete – Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

The six most popular restaurants in Crete bring to its dinners the finest cuisines of Greece. Until now you have been exploring the ancient ruins and spectacular beaches of Crete but beyond this lay a culinary tour of this magnificent city.

Crete is a gastronomic gem, offering traditional and scrumptious dishes native to the region. Wherever you choose to dine you will definitely find one staple ingredient which is olive oil. In addition to that, there are other very famous dishes such as dakos, Cretan salad and cheese pie.

popular restaurants in Crete

Here are six most popular restaurants in Crete where you can sample exotic dishes.


Address – ΧΑΝΙΑ 731 00, Greece

While other cuisines are more sauce based, Cretan dishes rely solely on the freshness of its ingredients. Purely on this, Dounias is one place where you can savor delicious and healthy meals. Made in wooden stoves, all the dishes on the menu use raw ingredients that grow locally.

The herbs that the chefs use in cooking are locally grown; they bring an exotic aroma to the cuisines. Do try the Greek salad, lamb with honey and meat dishes with pilaf rice at Dounias.


Address – Άνω Βούβες, Χανιά 730 06, Greece

This quaint establishment is in the southern village of Sellia. The couples who run this place not only strive to bring the authentic taste of Cretan food on the platter; moreover, they do it with artistic finesse.

Take your time studying the menu which has a plethora of scrumptious dishes. Adjacent to the restaurant is a magnificent view of the sea and the mountains. Despite Elia being a small tavern, it more than makes up for its food and scenic location.


Address – Zampeliou 49, Khania, Crete 731 00, Greece

The name of this popular restaurants in Crete comes after the sound of water in hamam which were operational till the Turks left Crete. The place has a rustic interior and its cuisines have local produce for ingredients.

The gracious service of the staff, generosity of the locals and a great selection of wine is what keeps bringing food lovers to Tamam. The prices do not burn a hole in the pocket and despite being a renowned establishment, it is quite affordable.


Address – Καπετάν Χαραλάμπη 6-8, ΤΚ, Iraklio 712 02, Greece

Crete is a haven for food lovers where you can gorge on everything and at the same time stay in the best shape. Even in Peskesi, one can drool over the menu where the dishes are made of organic meat and locally grown herbs.

Ancient recipes of several generations are what chef’s use in preparation of the food. These recipes go through certain innovation to suit modern sensibilities. The rustic stone walls of the restaurant add an old world feel to the interior. Do try the Minoan roast pork and enjoy the complimentary appetizer and dessert.

Taverna Dionyssos

Address – Mirthios, Plakias, Mirthios 740 60, Greece

If you are seeking a true blue Cretan experience of dining on tables under olive trees, then Taverna Dionyssos is the place for you. The Libyan sea in the background adds to the appeal of the ambiance.

Everything in this foodie hotspot is fresh, be it the fresh flowers filled with rice and herbs or the fish which gets roast to perfection. The menu also has a good vegetarian selection but if you favor meat then do try souvlaki lamb or chicken.


Address – Εμμανουηλ Δεικτακη 1, Kaliviani 734 00, Greece

Located on an exotically beautiful island, Gramboussa is not just a culinary but a scenic delight as well. The beautiful decor of the place and the sight of the blue and green waters nearby make it a tourist hotspot.

The menu has authentic Cretan dishes and each one is rich in taste and aroma. While you pour over the menu deciding on the pick, do make sure to try out Gamvoussa salad with creamy goat’s cheese and baked lamb wrapped in filo pastry.

Get your fill of exotic Cretan dishes at these popular restaurants in Crete.

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